Revivial of Meenakari – New Jewellery Trend

Revivial of Meenakari – New Jewellery Trend

Meenakari, also known as enamel painting, has been a trade mark of specialized Indian artisans for centuries. It is a process of hand paiting colors over metals such as gold and silver. Artisans have been using this craft fondly in artifacts, monuments and jewellery for years. Earlier in mughal era, meenakari jewellery was very popular. Historians suggest that Raja Maan Singh started and took this art to its perfection during his reign.

Earlier artisans used only gold metal for meenakari work as it held the work better. Slowly as time changed, artisans started using white silver and pure silver for enamel work as well.

Slowly modernization took its turn and trends kept on changing. But in recent times, fashionistas have really preferred this work over all other trends.

Bridal Kundan Choker set with ruby and pearl stones

Meenakari worked earrings and rings are quite popular these days for office wear, friend’s get together and small outings. Not only in fine fashion jewellery, but meenakari has found its fame in heavier jewellery as well.

As one can see in the image above, a prospective bride is wearing a kundan choker set with mint green meenakari work. Not only the work but specially min green color is the most popular these days.

This kind of jewellery is suitable for Indian traditional wear and Indo-Western dresses as well. If your preference is also mint green color then wear this as a contrast or a match with your dress color.

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