How To Take Care of An Artificial Jewellery

How To Take Care of An Artificial Jewellery

There are many myths surrounding the topic of taking care of an artificial jewellery. Lets first learn what should be done and then later we will burst few wrong habits suggested by famous brands.

How to take care of your artificial jewellery:

  • Keep your jewellery in plastic box only. If there is a plastic wrap available, then first insert into a plastic pouch and then keep in box. Otherwise, simply storing in a box is a viable option as well
  • Keep your jewellery away from exposure of water. Don’t keep on wearing the jewellery while having a bath. If you are wearing a bangle or a ring and trying to wash your hand, then take out your ring first and either pull back your bangles or take them out as well. The lesser the exposure to water, the more is the life of your jewellery
  • Apply your make up first and then wear your jewellery. Make ups such as foundation base etcetera are also chemicals only. Hair spray is a chemical as well. Hence its better to wear your jewellery at last only.
  • Segrigate your jewellery as per their types and put each type in a separate box. There is nothing better than keeping one jewellery in one plastic box. But, if you need you can opt to keep all your kundan jewellery in one box, all your oxidized jewellery in another box and so on.
  • If you want to reshine your silver jewellery, then simply wipe it 50-100 times with a velvet cloth. This will remove oxidized black dust. 
  • Use a dry toothbrush or paint brush to clean your jewellery after you wear it. This will bring a long life to your jewellery.

Lets bust some myths spread by many renowned brands:

  • Few brands suggest to use brush and water for your single stone jewellery. We absolutely are against this! Don’t get your jewellery in contact with water in any manner!
  • Few brands pack the jewellery in fancy velvet box and send it to their loyal customers. This is also an absolute NO from us! Velvet boxes have adhesive inside them which in turn deteriorate the lusture of your jewellery.
  • Many brands stuff the jewellery box with cotton. Don’t do this! Cotton absorbs moisture from environment and this cotton, if remains in touch with your jewellery, can effect its shine and life.


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