How to select perfect bridal jewellery-Know your Neck Type

Have you been wondering on how to select perfect bridal jewellery to suit your body type and personality? Do you wonder which necklace suit your neck type? Or which type of earring is best for your neck style? Well in this article, we will give your tips on how to select best bridal jewellery as per your neck style. We will discuss and tell you in detail – how to determine your neck type: Short, Regular or Long Neck.

How do you chose your bridal jewellery? Do you consider your neck type as an important factor at all. Well let me tell you, if you pay attention to this aspect, then you can look even more beautiful on your wedding day. But if you ignore this aspect, then it can cause blunder and you may look horrible as well!

How to select Perfect Bridal Jewellery – Know your neck type

Many of you must be thinking – what is my neck type? Is it a short neck, regular neck or a long neck? Well I will tell you a very simple and useful technique to determine your neck structure. Take your four fingers of your palm and place it below the chin level of your neck. Keep in mind to set in an erect position first and don’t include your thumb while measuring your neck. See the video to understand better.

If your lowest finger touches your collar bone with ease, then you have a regular neck type. If there is a gap between your lowest pinki finger and your collar bone, then you have a long neck type. However, if your four finger sits perfectly between your chin and collar bone, then you have a regular neck structure.

how to select perfect perfect bridal jewellery as per your neck type

Underlying design principle on how to choose your wedding jewellery – as per your neck type

What does design theory suggests? Well design theory says that whatever you wear or carry, there has to be an overall balance to your personality. All what you wear should complement each other and suit your personality.

Now that you have understood the design theory, let us understand how it relates to our main question – how to select perfect bridal jewellery as per your neck type.

Perfect bridal jewellery for short neck type

If you have a short or thick neck, then you should not wear any necklace which covers your necklace. You should wear such necklace so that your neck remains exposed, which in turn will provide balance to your personality. Such necklaces are deep round neck necklaces and long necklaces. Chokers and high rise necklaces are a complete no for short neck types.

Earrings for short neck type: You should not wear very long earrings that touches your shoulders. Such earrings give impression of a shorter neck. Wear small earrings so that your neck line and shoulders are more exposed! Earring styles also depend upon your face cuts. We will cover this topic in our next blog.

Perfect bridal jewellery for long neck type

Long neck ladies should not wear anything which makes their neck and body even more longer. So, you should avoid wearing long necklaces and deep round necklaces. Instead, chokers are your best friend. This provides a rounding structure to your long torso and thus gives a balanced look.

Earrings for long neck type: you should avoid wearing sleek and long earring as it will only accentuate your longer torso. Instead wear round jhumki and chandbalis to give a balanced look.

Select wedding jewellery for long neck and short neck

Perfect bridal jewellery for regular neck type

Having read till here, women with regular neck type must be thinking that they can wear any type of wedding jewellery! Right? Well, yes, of course you can wear! But a word of caution! There are other important aspects other than neck structure which determine your wedding jewellery choice, such as your face cut.

Well, we will discuss this in our next blog.

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Well, we understood how to determine your neck type: regular, short or long. And we also understood how to select perfect bridal jewellery as per your neck type.

Few of you may confuse neck type with neck line. Well neck line is about your choth makes a line with your neck. Read more about this by clicking here.

If you have any doubt or you have any query, please leave your comment below in the comment box.

Till then, keep looking beautiful 🙂

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